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RadioRA Installation Instructions


All of our specification and Installation Instructions are available in PDF format. This format requires an Adobe Acrobat reader. This reader is available free of charge from the Adobe Web Site. After you have your copy of Acrobat Reader please feel free to download our pages.

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System Information
Lighting Controls
Master Controls
System Enhancements

 System Information Minimize

 TitleCategoryModified DateSize (Kb) 
RadioRA CSI SpecificationsCSI Specifications4/23/2008UnknownDownload
RadioRA Setup GuideRadioRA Setup Guide7/20/20061,022.04Download
Quick Start Package Installer's GuideInstaller's Guide7/20/2006688.53Download
Product Reference GuideModel Numbers7/20/200685.26Download
Quick Start Package Homeowner's GuideHomeowner's Guide7/20/2006428.94Download

 Lighting Controls Minimize

 TitleCategoryModified DateSize (Kb) 
GRAFIK Eye® InterfaceRA-GRXI-WH7/20/200689.77Download
Dimmers (incandescent, magnetic low-voltage)RA-6D-, RA-10D-, RA-AD-7/20/20061,156.73Download
GRAFIK RA™RA-GRX-3-, RA-GRX-4-, RA-GRX-6-7/20/20061,338.02Download
Switches (all lighting sources)RA-8ANS-, RA-AS-7/18/20071,198.59Download
Lamp Dimmer (incandescent, magnetic low-voltage)RA-3LD-7/20/200664.91Download
Dimmer (fluorescent Tu-Wire®)RAN-FTU-5A-"color"-CPN1550 (This is a custom part number and requires approximately two weeks for delivery.)7/20/2006162.64Download
Dimmer (electronic low-voltage)RA-5NE-7/20/2006347.39Download
Dimmer Color Change Kits RK-D-, RK-AD-, RK-S-, RK-AS-7/20/2006497.28Download
Dimmer with neutral: Wiring to a Power Booster or Electronic Low Voltage InterfaceRA-6ND-7/20/2006406.45Download
Dimmer with neutral (incandescent, magnetic low-voltage, power boosters, interfaces)RA-6ND-7/18/20071,198.59Download

 Master Controls Minimize

 TitleCategoryModified DateSize (Kb) 
Large Button Tabletop Master ControlsRALB-5T-RL-, RALB-10T-RL-, RALB-15T-RL-1/17/2008315.07Download
Large Button Master Controls (wall-mounted) - EnglishRALB-2W-SD-, -5W-AO-, -5W-RL-, -9W-IR-, -10W-RL-6/13/2007409.78Download
Large Button Master Controls (wall-mounted) - SpanishRALB-2W-SD-, -5W-AO-, -5W-RL-, -9W-IR-, -10W-RL-6/13/2007376.46Download
Large Button Master Controls (wall-mounted) - FrenchRALB-2W-SD-, -5W-AO-, -5W-RL-, -9W-IR-, -10W-RL-6/13/2007374.62Download
Large Button Master Controls (wall-mounted) - PortugueseRALB-2W-SD-, -5W-AO-, -5W-RL-, -9W-IR-, -10W-RL-6/13/2007378.18Download
Large Button Master Control Engraved Button KitsRALK-2W-SD-, RALK-5W-AO-, RALK-5W-RL-6/13/2007535.59Download
Tabletop Master ControlsRAMC-5T-(RL-), RAMC-10T-(RL-), RAMC-15T-(RL-)6/13/2007148.70Download
Cordless Tabletop Master ControlsRAMC-10C-(RL-)6/13/2007148.70Download
Slim Button Master Controls (wall-mounted)RAMC-5W-(RL-), RAMC-10W-(RL-), RAMC-15W-(RL-)6/13/2007106.30Download

 System Enhancements Minimize

 Interfaces Minimize

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